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The "Smallest Police Station in London"

Very much the little arm of the law, this structure, made from a hollowed out lamppost, has often been regarded as the smallest police station in London.Smaller than a regular police box (one that’s not bigger on the inside, anyway) it would only have been able to take 2 people at once.


That's if it was a station, but this isn’t the case.


The structure was, instead, built as a lookout for police to sit inside, peering out the windows ready to flash the lamp as they picked up the phone with a direct line to Scotland Yard as soon as things got ugly. Decommissioned for some time, these days the post is used as a glorified broom cupboard by the cleaners who work for Westminster Council, so if you’re going and you see one, why not shake their hand, or at least, thank them for keeping the streets clean?

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